Check out Nicole Queen on BBC’s “American Muslim-Faith, Fear, and Freedom in USA”

During the spring, BBC was here in the states filming for their newest documentary on Muslims in America.  I was so excited and honored to be a small part of this project!  First we filmed a little in Manhattan with my close friend, Elif Kavakci.   You can check out her Islamic fashion designs at  It was so fun, BBC filmed me doing a fashion photo shoot in a busy area of the city and they got some amazing footage of Elif hard at work with her designs.  They filmed all over the place in the US, so this documentary is packed with all angles and sides of what it means to be a Muslim in America.  Later, BBC came to Dallas and filmed me doing more of my photography, and even a speaking event at our local mosque.  We finished my section with a pretty tough yet intimate interview with myself and the host of the show.  I can’t wait to see how the entire program turns out, I know it will feel great to see so many different stories!

BBC crew films Nicole’s photo shoot

















“American Muslim-Faith, Fear, and Freedom in the USA”

UK: Sep 3rd 03:10 & 16:10(Newschannel)
US Eastern: Sep 2nd: 22:10 -Sep 3rd: 11:10 -Sep 4th: 05:10 & 17:10
US Pacific: Sep 2nd: 1910 – Sep 3rd: 08:10 – Sep 4th: 02:10 & 14:10

Don’t see your country or time zone above?

Follow this link to find yours :


9 thoughts on “Check out Nicole Queen on BBC’s “American Muslim-Faith, Fear, and Freedom in USA”

  1. AA – Can you tell me when American Muslim-Faith, Fear, and Freedom in the USA” is going to air? I can’t seem to find it on my guide or online anywhere?



    1. The link that I provided in the post allows you to put in your country and your time zone, and then you put in the date, Sept 2, 3, or 4. Then you scroll all the way down till you see the title American Muslim and it tells you what time it starts.


  2. salamualykum my beloved sister my name is saeed munawar im an indian and i dont know english much ! First let me proud my self to have such sister and i honestly respect and congrats you recently i saw your explaination about islam and i became fan of you (my beloved sister fan) thats all i want to say bye take care and allah hafiz


  3. Dear Sister Nicole, My Name is Adam Oassey and I sent you an email to your Gmail account. Please respond soon. Thank you.. May Allah Bless you and your new baby and your wonderful husband. I love him… he makes me proud to have a brother like him… and offcourse, you make me proud too… take care and I am anxiously awaiting your response, whatever it may be. Take care.. Salam


  4. Assalamu Alaikum w.w. and Hi… my beloved sister nicole Hows ur day today? By the way I’m fairudz k. came from philippines, First i would like to congratulate u or mabrook Im so proud for my self because i have a sister like u in Islam. I saw ur explaination regarding Islam so nice and wonderful thougths, Take care ur self and ur families may Allah bless and guide u wherever u are. Allah hafiz… shukran! Continues ur good deeds. bye, By:fairudz k. April 27,2014.


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