Target has everything… even dawah!

You know…it never fails that your gonna find something great at Target.  We all go there just to grab a pair of sandals or a gift and end up at the cash register with a buggy full of randomness!


Today was exactly that type of day.  I took my MIL to lunch with some other girl friends and afterward we stopped by Target just to return a pair of sandals (yeah right).  As soon as we walked in my MIL and I both grabbed our own buggies and set out to get ourselves into trouble.  After we cruised up and down every single aisle in the store, browsing in departments that we had no business in, LOL…we made our way to the cash register.

Now, sometimes I am not always looking my best. For some reason, this was a side effect of having a toddler, LOL.  As a Muslim, we should always look our best though and I will tell you why that is extremely important in America. I know I could do an experiment and it would give me the same result that I experienced today.  Today, I noticed myself spending extra time choosing a nice outfit and nice hijab, mainly because I was heading out for a luncheon with friends, no offense Target.  I was way too overdressed to just be out buying random goodies and way too happy about the craziness that I was purchasing. All of these things though led to the following…

First the cashier happens to be from Iran, she was quite lovely and super sweet.  As soon as she gets to me, as if she’s been holding it in all day, she blurts out, “Your just so pretty! Are you from Lebanon?”. For some reason, anytime I look “pretty”, I always get this question.  So I’m guessing all the pretty girls are from Lebanon? I dunno, I hear crazy stuff all the time so I added this to my list of crazy ME ideas…LOL. Well of course it was nice to hear this compliment, especially since I am 6 months pregnant.  I didn’t realize the domino effect that “looking pretty” would have and how it really opened a door for dawah, which is way cooler than someone thinking your “pretty”. I told the girl of course, that I am American but I converted to Islam, so that is why I chose to wear the scarf. So here we go with lots of questions in a very quick amount of time since there is another woman behind me that would probably like to check out her randomness too…

Being open and smiling and talking with the cashier opened the door to dawah with the lady behind me in line, LOL. On top of the fact that my son was flirting with her daughter, both of them sitting in the buggy seat baby blabbering to each other.  My son, for some reason, likes blondes and this darling little girl was a cotton top, as was her American Mother and baby brother. So her Mom strikes up a quick convo asking if I’m having a little brother or sister, I happily tell her a sister and she lights up with joy! She says, “So your American?”, “Where is your husband from?” and then we go on and on it seemed, although this all happened in about 5 minutes. I told her how I came to Islam, starting covering and married a Jordanian man, She was so intrigued like it sounded like a romance novel to her, something different she said…sounds like an exciting life…

I guess we don’t always consider our own lives to be very exciting but the “grass is always greener” totally rules here in the US. I remember how interesting I used to think my husbands Jordanian accent was…LOL.  So to summarize, I really learned a lesson today that I wanted to share.  Always look your best, not just to meet up with friends. You never know how appearance affects the invitational view people have of you. If I was standing there, looking tired in baggy clothes and a miss matched hijab, I would not have looked approachable or “exciting” by any means! LOL.  Then, no one would have cared to ask, “Where are you from?”, which doesn’t allow you, as a convert, that key moment which is to blurt out with excitement…”I’m an American! I chose to dress this way and I’m a Muslim!”  I can attest, even to this day, is still a very, very exciting thing to blurt out and feels even “cooler” than it did the first time!

Look great, look for open doors to step through and talk about Islam, and always, always look like you are from Lebanon…LOL, I’m just kidding! Always, Always, look warm and inviting.


26 thoughts on “Target has everything… even dawah!

  1. Thank you for rising up this point. Appearance really has a big role in making the first impression and they say the first impression always lasts. Thank god it was a good one 🙂


  2. I like your note :” Always look your best, not just to meet up with friends. You never know how appearance affects the invitational view people have of you.”,,,,thank you for your sharing,,,,,I’m proud to be a muslim


  3. An from the uk and find you inspiring. I am a teen and an finding it hard to stay close to my religion.any help and tips would be much appreciated.


    1. Assalamualaikum sister…

      Stay close with Al-Quran. Enjoy it. Reading Hadith of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Try not to neglect solat. Istiqomah. If you fond on learning language, learn Arabic. InsyaAllah.

      To sister Nicole,

      May Allah SWT grant you jannah for your fisabilillah.

      Azam Ismail, Malaysia


    2. Pray to Allah to give you steadfastness. And just remember: this life is temporary and short. Allah brought us in this life for testing. Also, try reading texts about Jannah and what Allah has prepared for those who worship him. It will make you forget about the pain that you’re suffering in this life.

      Also remember, you Muslim brothers and sisters are always with you. And Allah is always with you. Whenever you get lonely, think about Jannah and the day this whole thing will be over. The day that you get into your eternal pleasure. Whenever you feel pain, think about those people that are suffering more than you. Try visiting a hospital for instance. It helps… It reminds you of the great things that Allah gave you.


    3. Thank you for replying . Have go to admit I have been neglecting islam recently .e.g listening to music and not praying . Having read ur replys I’m going to get myself back on track. Thank you so much xxx


  4. Nicole.. you are so funny!! i like the way you tell story. it’s so entertaining and so captivating.. not forgetting the ‘lessons’ in each story. thank you.


  5. Came across your name through some random YT video and found your blog! Loved hearing your story! it’s rare to find hijabis with a Southern accent esp. when a lot of Muslim women are going through the crisis of “should I wear one or not?” (myself included)
    Great advice Nicole! I need to follow that a bit more – not that I would ever go out in my PJs – but proper dressing is key even if you are just picking up bananas!


  6. You are amazing sister Nicole. You are a very strong person. Your story of converting to Islam is really amazing and very touching. I hope Allah gives you the best, both in this life and in the hereafter. You are amazing sister. I ask Allah to make you very happy, and to make you steadfast on his path.


  7. Assalamualaikum from Singapore, I have friend in New York who are interested to know more about Islam will be appreciate if y could direct me any association in New York, for me to communicate with her through email it’s impossible…we are far apart … I did sent Islamic books to her but there’s a lot of question that need someone personally to explain individually… Hope that y will be able to help..Salam frm singapore


  8. Assalamoalaikum Nicole, Writing this in the hope of getting response. Deep in my heart I totally agree with you. However, I am discouraged by muslim speakers saying if you are wearing colorful clothes, hijabs, studded abayas and jeans with top hiding your buttocks, if you look beautiful you are defeating the purpose of hijab. As per them, we should be in pale/ black colored loose abayas with no designs on it. They say style and hijab are mutually exclusive. What do you have to say about this?

    Personally I feel confident when I look good, dress up well, wear stylish hijabs and go outside.


  9. Salam dear Nicole. I read about the story of your life just today in a news site. Your story was very exciting and I hope you make more nice and right decisions in your life. Allah may help you always.


  10. Assalamualaikum,
    I’m Athirah from Malaysia. Can I get ur email? i’m interest to write about your life story in our magazine (Al-Islam)


  11. Wa alaikum salam.. I though you from lebanon first i saw you. Lol. Because all my friends (indonesia) said that. Most pretty girls in the world from lebanon.

    Hi.. Glad knew about you being mualaf. Thats rare moment before 9/11.. (Thanks bush, you makes islam famous.).

    sista.. Someday if you come to visit indonesia (country with largest muslim in the world).. Please contact me, insya Allah i’ll guide you to see how nice we are, live with islam way.



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