Nicole & Brother, Joey

Nicole Queen

Born: Houston, Texas  May, 1981

Currently Resides: Dallas, Texas

Status: Married to Hassan (Jordanian) 

Occupation: Professional Photographer, American Muslim Activist, Public Speaker

A Little Background:  Nicole Queen was named after her devoted Baptist Grandmother and still hopes to fill her shoes in regards to her relationship with God.  “My Grandmother is the most devoted Christian I have ever known, her relationship with God is something to be envied and I thank her for building a foundation in my heart that allows my faith to be where I am today.” Nicole remarks.

Nicole spent most of her childhood with her older brother Joey in Houston and Orange, Texas.  At age 8, Nicole and Joey moved to a small town south of Dallas, with their adopted parents and stayed until her graduation. Nicole graduated from Palmer, High School at 17 years of age and moved into her own apartment to start her life.  She started school, and to help pay her expenses she took a position at a photography studio and began her career in photography.  In only two years, Nicole was managing photography studios and traveling to different states.  After years of moving from city to city she began running a studio in New York.  She later decided she missed her southern roots and returned to Texas to start her own photography business.

Throughout her years, living on her own and traveling for her job, Nicole had developed a taste for a temporary lifestyle.  She never kept roots wherever she lived and looked at her life as one big opportunity to “have a good time while it lasted”.  She was a natural at socializing, from her experience at living in different cities and she learned to make friends quickly and leave them just as fast.  It only made sense when she decided to focus her own photography business in the nightlife scene that she was so accustomed to.  She quickly gained speed as the only female nightlife photographer in Dallas, and obtained some of the biggest clients in the party industry.  Nicole was side by side photographing some of the biggest names in the media such as Justin Timberlake, Timberland, Kate Hudson, Tommy Lee, and countless pro athletes as well as other actors and musicians.  “I remember when I had to cover Tommy Lee, he was going to spin for the club that night.  I was popping off so many shots while he was spinning and I knew my flash was going to get on his nerves.  Then, I see him motion me up to him and I lean towards him and he leans down and I was so scared he was going to cuss me out or something, which wasn’t uncommon, but instead he grabs my face and kisses me on the cheek and then goes back to spinning.  I felt bad because he was nicely saying,” Hey your flash is annoying!”.  I rushed off to wash my face, LOL” Nicole recalls.  Each night was spent at 2-3 different clubs and ended around 3 a.m., when she would stumble into her loft to sleep till noon and do it all again the very next night.  Drinking became a normal habit and just part of her lifestyle.

Tommy Lee
Justin Timberlake
Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson
Jamie Foxx

Nicole’s soul began feeling lost and without purpose.  Deep inside, she longed for more in her life and would involve herself in deep conversations with others about life’s existence.  “There’s gotta be more to life than this” was a commonly heard statement from her.  After years of a materialistic lifestyle surrounded by parties and greed, she began embarking on a soul searching journey with no clue that within 2 years she would join the faith of Islam, a religion she knew nothing about.  Having a vast variety of friends from all parts of the world offered her a diverse array of advice, when searching for meaning in her life.  She had even made friends with a young man after shooting one night, who was a Muslim. She had plenty of friends who were Muslims but they all lived the same way she did.  They never caught her attention as being religious people.  Her new friend would talk with her for hours about her new soul searching adventure. They would talk about life, past, present, future and how they both felt they wanted to offer more to the world than their current positions.  Nicole heard about Islam from many different sources but the biggest impact came from actual experiences with Islam, more so than just hearing about it.  She was attracted to the discipline of the faith, how practicing Muslims could go their whole lives without drinking, or engaging in premarital relations and how life was more important to them than to waste it on the party scene. The same scene Nicole had grown bored with.  She became obsessed with Islam online, staying up till sunrise sometimes to read and watch YouTube videos about Muslims converting to Islam.  A lot of their stories were comforting to her because of the similar desires these people had found answers to in Islam.  Could God really be her answer?

The young man Nicole had befriended, saw her attention and questions growing more and more towards Islam and used the opportunity to provide Nicole with her first English Quran.  “If people just sat and read this book, the way I did, they would totally want to be Muslim”, Nicole would say to her friend.  He also told her about a Muslim class at the mosque, if she ever felt like learning more.  Inside, watching Nicole’s appreciation for the beauty in Islam compared to her life, made him desire to be closer to Islam himself.  They slowly drifted apart from their time together, each deciding to focus more on their own improvement. Little did they know God had plans in store for them.  Months went by and slowly Nicole felt the love for life and God growing deeper and deeper inside her heart. Her “party” friends felt confused, seeing the drastic changes in her personality.  “Dude where are you anymore?”, they would ask her, when she stopped partying and only appeared on the scene to shoot her work and return quickly home to sleep.  “One day, it hit me like a freight train, I realized that I dressed like a cheap girl and had nothing appropriate to wear to the Muslim class at the mosque, nothing”, she describes her moment of zen.  “I remember ripping through my huge closet full of tight slinky dresses and tops, tears streaming down my cheeks.  I DON’T WANT IT ANYMORE! I yelled as I tore out my glittery clothes and threw them into a pile behind me.   Sadly, there wasn’t much left to wear after that, so I had to shop for clothes that I could wear and not feel naked in.  First I wore capris,  3\4 shirts, and then I started wanting full length pants and long skirts and nothing with cleavage” she recaps.  ” I couldn’t believe that I wanted to dress like this, I was the cleavage Queen and all the sudden I felt dirty to show myself that way.  Then, my tanning membership became pretty pointless, since I wasn’t showing much skin anymore which was great because it really saved my skin!” Nicole says.  Presently seeing her, one could never imagine a tan on her porcelain complexion.  “My husband says today, after not tanning, eating healthy and not drinking anymore,  I look so much younger than when he first met me.  That was like 4 years ago so I feel like “WOW!”, Islam is good for the soul and your looks! ” she says jokingly.

After studying Islam for 5-6 months and seeing the improvements in her life, Nicole decided she was ready to announce to others, what she already had felt in her heart… her shahada.  Feeling shy and uncomfortable with making the arrangements, she turned to her old friend for advice.  He was over-joyed and surprised to hear she was still devoted to her study of Islam and was so excited to arrange everything.  Nicole, with a few new girl friends she made at the mosque, entered into the small clean office of the Imam.  She had no one to be there with her that she had any history with. There was no one she had known for more than just a few months, and she longed for the comfort of her old friends, or family, to share something as big as this step in her life.  Sadly, Nicole had lost most of her “friends” during her transition into Islam.  Her family felt scared for her and confused by her decision, an understandable and common reaction.  She knew it would take time for them and tried not to bring it up as much when she visited them. “There were a few months, they were the loneliest months I have ever experienced.  I didn’t have any friends that I felt really knew me and I didn’t have a good relationship with my parents for a while.   Also, I was not really fitting in with the Muslim community, being a convert and all”, she replies.  Her new Muslim girlfriends helped her prepare for her shahada.  They were sweet girls and she was thankful for them.  Nicole had purchased a new long white linen skirt, it came down to the tops of her ankles, it was the longest skirt she had ever owned. She paired it with a pale yellow linen top and was given a plain white silk scarf, her first scarf, from one of her friends. The girls helped her preform wudu and pin her scarf and soon they were sitting and waiting for the Imam in his office.   The Imam arrived shortly, a humble happy older man from Turkey with the kindest tone of voice and a funny accent, or so Nicole thought.  Then there was a knock at the door, and in walked her old friend, the young man who had helped her arrange this and been such a support when Nicole first embarked on this journey.  His eyes were bright, with their pale green shade and his light creamy complexion was red from his blushing late entrance.  He brought another Brother with him to share the moment.  An overwhelming feeling of strange relief came over Nicole, it just felt better knowing there was someone witnessing this that knew her from her past.  Nicole looked down and blushed, realizing she had a huge smile on her face at their new audience.  Soon it began, the Imam explained soothingly what she would be committing to, and made sure she understood.  Then, he helped her to easily pronounce the most beautiful words that ever graced her lips. “There is no god, but the 1 God, and Mohammad was his last prophet”, she said in both English and Arabic. “You have great Arabic pronunciation!” said one Brother who was witnessing.  Nicole blushed, feeling like her southern twang was drowning any attempts at sounding decent in Arabic.  “I remember thinking, Hey! how come the Imam doesn’t look me in the eye? I kept trying to catch his eyes with mine, thinking it rude that he didn’t give me proper eye contact! What an idiot I felt like, once I learned that it was out of respect and modesty that the Imam limited eye contact with me”, she recalled.  “For the first year as a Muslim, I felt like an idiot a lot of times! ” she says, laughing at herself.

Entering mosque for shahada
Nicole & Imam Kavakci at shahada

After saying her shahada, Nicole started turning down jobs photographing nightlife, and found a new job working during the day for a large corporation in downtown Dallas.  Her relationship with God grew and grew inside her heart.  Where at one time, she spent her spare time drinking and partying, she now spent having her new friends over for tea, and attending events at the mosque.  At one event for new converts to Islam, Nicole was asked to answer questions about her conversion while being filmed by a  sweet, well known Sister named, Ruba Qewar.  Ruba then placed the video on YouTube, where Nicole’s story caught the attention of millions of Muslims all over the world.  “I think people were so shocked that I left behind a glamorous American life to live clean and simple as a Muslim”. “I think they thought, “Why in the world would she wanna live like us?”, Nicole remarked.  Her video gained momentum across the internet with millions of views and was shared with Muslim web sites across the world.  She had yet to know what an impact that interview would have in Islamic communities and on her life and future as a Muslim.

Jafrah Coffee Shop, Amman

A few months after Nicole announced her shahada, she began feeling an urge to see more about Islam, first hand.  She felt a strong desire to visit a Muslim country herself, being a girl who had not really traveled far outside America.  “I really just wanted to learn more about life as a Muslim from people living in a Muslim country, like get a taste of history”, she says.  Nicole mentioned this desire once while talking to the young Muslim man she had befriended so long ago.  He quickly called his family in Jordan and arranged for Nicole to be able to stay with them.  Arrangements were made and in November of 2008 Nicole made her first voyage to the Middle East.  “It was so exciting to go to Jordan alone, I wanted to see anything and everything.  It was funny because people who saw me, assumed I was from there”, she recalled.   “I packed a bunch of scarves and hijab style clothing because I assumed that most the girls there wore hijab.  I also wanted to be respectful to my host-Mother, since she also wore the scarf”, Nicole said.  She was a bit shocked to find that only about 30% of the girls actually wore hijab, the rest dressed in typical revealing western attire.  Her host family treated her like a daughter and took her to their favorite restaurants, shops, and coffee houses.  “It’s so cool because you can drive north for an hour and it’s like the land that time forgot, but yet in Amman its a totally modern city with huge shopping malls!”, she says.  Nicole enjoyed wearing the scarf each day while she was there, and knew that soon she would have to leave and return to Dallas and back to being “just another girl”.  The hijab made her feel pure and brought so many compliments to her, boosting her confidence in modesty.  She hated the thought of having to take it off when she returned home.  Nicole felt sure of her decision to keep wearing the scarf and couldn’t imagine taking it off after wearing it for so long.  “I challenge anyone to wear hijab for 30 days, you will never take it off after that, it just feels too good!” she exclaimed.  Nicole was excited as her flight landed back in Dallas, excited to be back in Texas and excited to share her new experiences with her friends. Life was all fresh and new to her, each day got a little better and better.  When she saw the young Muslim man again, she talked his ear off about waking up with his Mother for Fajr prayers and watching the sun splashing so many colors across the white stone homes of Amman, at sunrise.  She told him about the olive harvest at their farm in Irbid and how she shocked everyone by climbing up the trees to shake down the olives.  His Mother had a fit and didn’t want Nicole getting her hands dirty with that work, but Nicole just smiled and continued to help.  She told him how sad she felt when she left, and saw tears in his Mothers eyes, like her daughter was leaving to go back to America.  “I really felt like I was part of their family, they never judged me and I would talk to his Mom about so many things, even though we both didn’t speak each others languages”, Nicole replied.

Today, it has been 4 years since Nicole became a Muslim and she says it still feels new to her.  Her Muslim friend, later embarked on his own personal journey and Hajj to Mecca. Not long after his return he proposed to Nicole and they had a beautiful wedding with his family in Amman, Jordan.

Marriot Amman, Jordan

Hassan (Nicole’s Muslim friend) and Nicole live happily in the city of Dallas, Texas.  With the support of her husband, Nicole continues her passion for life’s purpose through Dawah.  She started her own Dawah webblog,  “I really felt like I wanted to reach out to others who might be struggling the way I did”, says Nicole of her blog.  She also speaks regularly in her Islamic community about Dawah in America, Public Relations in Islam, and Converting to Islam.  Nicole has been featured in documentaries such as AlJazeera’s “Islam in America”, Algeria TV’s “They Chose Islam”, and also Ambassador Akbar Ahmed’s “Journey Into America”, in which he also mentioned her in his latest book about that documentary.  Recently Nicole and Hassan also took part in BBC’s documentary about Islam in America.  You can find these documentaries on the VIDEO page of this site, and also the book in the BOOKS page.  You can follow Nicole’s family vlog on YouTube: Raising Little Muslims

Hassan and Nicole were blessed with the birth of their first child, Talal Tahat, in early January, 2012 and then their daughter Jenna August 2013.  They became the blessings in their lives, Al Hamdulillah.

“There is truly nothing better for your life, than living it for God”, -Nicole Queen.


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  1. WOW!
    Nicole, this is a wonderful journey you have had in the course of the last 3 years. 🙂
    I was so happy reading your transition from the “mundane life” you had to a beautiful renewed life in Islam.

    I too was raised a Christian, it’s not until a year ago that I stopped attending church and seeking “the truth”. I enrolled myself in an Islamic class at my university, where I hope to discover what I am searching for: the truth.

    You help with your great example as a Muslim. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I too, like you did before, am searching to fulfill my soul to worship our creator.

    Inshallah, I will. Please keep me in your prayers.


      1. I was born in Non-Practicing Muslim family and it is partly because of Nicole that I am now a practicing Muslim… thank you Nicole for your inspiration, you are truly a Muslim at heart who make people see the light… salam and thank you for everything you do to people and May Allah reward you in multiple ways… insh’Allah.


  2. Assalamu Alaikum

    Nicole! this is good to share your story to the world.i feel very impressive when i read your journey towards islam, when i was reading your story during study i feel tears in my eyes ans the makes me very proud to my religion and persons like you which are very lucky because now you are living like our God wants.Nicole you are so lucky, may your family lives long and your beautiful life in the shadow of Islam never end.this is my prayer for you from the core of my heart.
    Please remember me in your prayers.




    Ma Selam


  4. Welcome to Islam Nicole! I am also an American convert from 19 years ago. I am originally from Cleveland Ohio, but now I reside in the UAE teaching English to Kindergarten children. It was my ex-husband who introduced me to this wonderful religion, but it was I who accepted
    it and was convinced by everything the religion stood for.

    A friend of mine on Facebook posted a video entitled “They chose Islam”. I absolutely loved watching it. You are truely a talented young woman. I’m so happy you are able to still work doing what you love to do–photography. ☺ As I was watching this video from the beginning, I was jumping ahead with my thoughts and was wondering what you might look like without the hijab. I never imagined that this video would show how you looked like before you imbraced Islam. As I was watching, I saw pictures of several celebrities that you have photographed, when an absolutely gorgeous woman showed up. At first, I thought she was an Arabic actress or singer, but I kept looking at the face. It was YOU!!! Mashallah, is all I can say. You are truely a beautiful person–inside and out, and now more prettier than ever since accepting Islam. All the best for you in your future. May you live a healthy, long and happy life. God Bless You!

    Your sister in Islam,

    Greta Duffield


    1. Assalamu Alaikum Greta!

      It’s so great to hear from you and I am honored to receive such a heartfelt compliment from you! I am truly glad that you and anyone else felt good to see that documentary, that means it’s doing it’s purpose! HOw is your life in UAE, that sounds really exciting. Al-Hamdulillah, that God took me back and I am so happy and feel so focused to live for Him. May God bless you and your life there and I hope we stay in touch! I would also love a little more from you, do you think you could email your story to me? I really love to share stories of people coming to Islam and it’s so motivating for others. If you can talk about life right before Islam, your transition, and life afterwards and a bit about what your doing currently and possibly any advice you have for others, since your a seasoned Muslim! A recent photo or two would be awesome too! With your permission I will publish your story on my blog, http://www.QueensofIslam and also on Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing back from you. my email is


  5. salaam alaikum it is so nice to hear a Muslim convert talk about islam.and what they were before allah blessed them with guidance and protection.may allh bless you and protect you always.and dont forget shaitaan is always there to try and misguide the true believers.


  6. assalam o alikum
    ALLAH almighty has shown his blessing upon you and i cant express my feelings when ever i heard about people coming to islam and in particular women and then in U S … you are really remarkable in bringing young people towards islam..ALLAH ALMIGHTY help you in this cause and yes now we can say AMERICA is going to be re discovered by MUSLIMS


  7. Hey Nicole,

    I dint read the entire autobiography. I read part of it. I m very happy. Thinking to gift you something And your Gift is……………..

    I would like to share very Important Event of Islam on earth with you. Always shared it with selected great people.

    Listen by 2012. The Great MAHDI of Mohammeds (S.A.W) house will emerge from India. A young Man of 30 Years old. A leader, A Educationalist, A Economist, A Physicist, A Doctor, A Mathematician afcourse an Engineer.
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    Ibn Abi Sayba and Naim ibn Hammad recount this in the Fitan, as do Ibn Majah and Abu Naim from Ibn Mas`ud. He said: “He (the Mahdi) will rule the world and fill Earth, which was previously filled with oppression and cruelty, with justice. Whoever is living at that time, let him/her come to the Mahdi and join him, even by crawling over the snow, because he is the Mahdi. (al-Suyuti, Portents of the Mahdi, p. 14)

    See the Greatness of Allah…..
    He will be bring forth by Israeli jews , By the History Channel.


  8. Salam ,

    I am so glad to hear that you have chosen the right path. I am a born Muslim but i was deviated from the true path after knowing about you i am motivated.

    One thing else i want to say that your face before the conversion to Islam was quiet different. i mean it was just goodlooking but after conversion your face glows, you seem purified.

    And now whats your complete name?

    I wish you very very good luck , and ever in your life you need any help, for that keep in mind that Muslims are a single body.


  9. My girl friend is Hindu and it is sure that I can’t marry her. I told her to convert into islam and she says ok. But my question is that she is taking islam but not for her I think just for me now what should I do? Now can any one show her the right way of islam…


  10. you have done such a thing that is god to you and a couse our happines
    i am sory for worng english.
    i only a littel englesch to write and speak. but i undrestand wenn i hear it


  11. Salaam,

    I’ve watched all of your videos! Thank you for telling your story. Could you please tell me how you tie your hijab? I like the style in the black & white photo of you with your husband.


  12. Its amazing story i read in detail, i have been much inspired about life before after accepting Islam by Nicole Queen. When Allah blesses a girl, he makes woman in the name and shape of Queen. Same way, the most beautiful lady as a wife to man like Hassan. Allah bless upon you both Amin. Hassan got love wordly love, beauty, sincerity as well as won the day of judgment, which has to come one day. Amin again


  13. hi nicole, i really hope you get to see this message, but i know your probably a very bussy chick so i’m not accpecting anything…
    i’m a 15 yr old girl from london (UK) and come from a lebanese background, my dad is muslim but not really religious or anything, i dont really know anyone in my family who is religious, so i dont really know much about islam. i’m not going to tell you my whole lifestory but basicly being born and raised in london i’m a typical-but-slightly-odd london teen who is like real into the punk/glam rock n roll lifestyle. i was listenin to “queen” (the band) on youtube and then came across one of your vids on why you converted. nowaydays i’m ALWAYS asking myself stuff like “whats the point of life?” so watching your video was totally mesmerizing. i am so hooked, and have watched all your videos. i’m real proud at how much you’ve done, its amazing. also on youtube i found so many other americian/british people that converted into islam and they seem like such good and happy people. i see now that islam is the key to all my questions on life, and i feel the need to thank you for being such a great inspiration to me, you really have changged the way i think about a lot of things, in a good way, and i am very greatful of that.
    but also, as i started learning more about islam, because there are so many things in my life that i would have to change to be religious, i dont think i can change who i am. and it feels like i’m too far away to actually be a proper muslim if you know what i mean. i’m amazed at how you could turn your back on seeing all these really cool celebs, i dont think i have enough will power to turn away from that much fun!
    well i hope you can help me in my identity-crisis, but its ok if your too busy, and i hope this message wasnt too long. thanks agian!
    oh and you can email me anytime at


  14. Masha allah …..
    Aslam alaikum Sister, Convey my regards to your family,,,,,,
    Allah will show all his endeavors to your family insha allah…..
    Please Do dawa for non muslims,,,,,,
    Hope you read Qur’an…… Spread this message ” Workship the Creator not His Creator”…… Islam The Peace…..
    More more scientific terms are well explained in Qur’an……
    One Example in Surah->Al-fil(The Elephant) …. Allah sent birds with fire balls…. The Fire balls are multiplied and created the radiations …. this radiations is sufficient to remove the Elephant away from Mecca(Haram)…….
    The Reaction occurred was a controlled Nuclear fission reaction…..
    And and more facts are there in Qur’an…. Please Share this to all…….
    Wasalam ….
    With Regards,
    Mohammed Hassan Ali.L,
    B.E.Computer Science,Chennai-INDIA,
    Ct: 0091 9444773520,
    email id-


  15. Very good and interesting. Thanks God. Embarassing into Islam is very good step. I appreciate her loyalty and interes in Islam.


  16. Dear Sister in ISLAM
    As Salam O Alikum
    Good Day
    I saw your interview on you tube; I am really impressed. You are a better Muslim than so many Who are Muslims by birth; You please pray for us also as your old sins have been removed by Giving SHADA of ALLAH’s oneness & accepting Hazrat Muhammad (SAAW) as the last and final messenger of ALLAH. Now you are more near to ALLAH then so many.
    As A MULIM brothers & Sisters we love you even more. May ALLAH all mighty blesses you.
    Be in touch
    Yours brother in Islam
    Aarif haudhry



  17. Asalamoalycum Hey Nicole : my name is Fahad am from of Kuwait’ i study Al-Azhar University, a graduate of a specialized modern science and faith work to advocate and I am very impressed to redirect you to Islam, and ask God to make you steadfast on the religion and I hope that we communicate so we are looking at some of the missionary and charitable projects and I hope to visit America and to call people out there in order to teach tolerance of Islamic yen .thank you >> my email >


  18. Assalamu alaikum…………. dear sister nicole and brother hasan …let me start by sharing a story about a priest who became a muslim and he was asked to give biography and the reasons why he became a muslim…after giving his bio and his reasons.. .after knowing Islam ..he continued sayin i never hated anyone as i hated the muslims and i still hated now….. people listening were shocked he was asked why does he hated the muslims …. he answered with a questions where are you muslims 10 years ago ?? where are you muslims 5 years ago?if i knew Islam as i knew now … i wont let parents die without knowing the truth… i wont let my sisters and brothers passed away without me sharing the truth of Allah, true creator…but you muslims,you have the truth but you dont spread it !you are just sitting in your houses waching tv and doin nothin for Allah’s deen sake”..
    You sister and brother are blessed with great ‘nur hidaya’ that could change the lives of struggling true seekers of real “CREATOR”of mankind …and as a great inspirations to all muslim men and women who are stil wasting their life in this very temporary world,following only their NAFS and still living their lives in sins and shame….your noble thoughts and through your hearts patience and struggle in da’wah ,know that it is a great eye opener to all muslims who had taken for granted the greatest gift of God to men… AL ISLAM… especially the born muslim..’unconcerned’ , they are supposed to lead others to a noble and modest clean life…and not a bad example…they should be the one to show the beauty of Islam and giving da’wah.if all born muslims become a very good example and be sincere in da’wah, you.. it will makes a great difference in this world. Islam needs true,modest and devout people, only then Islam gets its respects as it deserves… dear sister and brother just remember always….the ayat…that says ……IF YOU HELP ALLAH AND HIS DEEN…ALLAH WILL HELP YOU ….. and if Allah helps you he gives you the best in this world and the best in the hereafter……………..InshaAllah..

    wish you all the best,
    mohammad Abubakar
    Islamic da’wah of the philippines

    wish we could work to do da’wah in philippines through tv and conferences where 80% are christians of diff sects.


  19. Thank you Nicole for this beautiful story about your ” Hidaya ” to Islam.
    May Allah bless your soul and reward you for leading many to the truth of Islam by just telling your story.
    Remember that saving a soul is better than everything in life, as our beloved prophet Mohammad said.


  20. Mohamed hassan

    Asalaam alaykum my dear sister allah sw bless u and ur family allah sw take u and ur family to janatul firdowsa . Mashallah


  21. Mohamed hassan warsame
    Dar es salaam Tanzania
    Mashallah nicole queen to become muslim allah sw had show the truth religion is. Allah will protect u and ur family inshallah.



  22. hi nicole plz help ur brother : i have my wife her name martha dupote she send u her email plz she want to know a looot about islam but i cant help her a looot bc the language i need u to help me with her plz if u can dont late ur brother chemingui toufik my email thank you


  23. My dear daughter Nicole,
    I read in detail about your life style before embracing Islam. You must have been searching for peace and you have now got the full impact of everlasting peace. Alhamdulillah. Islams greatest threat is the MEDIA. Most christians living in Europe and America hated Islam not because they disliked the Muslims. It was the media propaganda that outraged Islam for the ordinay people to hate both Muslims and Islam. Nicole now that you have understood the truth about Islam your whole life style has changed. Islam literally means peace and you have now understood the full meaning of life. We pray that your belief in the Kalima and the Prophethood of Muhammad (Sal ) will grow very strong and you will continue to pass on the message of Islam to all those who are seeking to find peace. If you do find the time please reply.
    Yours in Islam/ Mohamed Nihar. Marikar


  24. That is great you accepted Islam, and specially in this era of confusion.Because people in western world present muslims and terrorist. May Allah keep you on right path for ever. I am from Pakistan.


  25. Ms Queen Aslamu Alaikom,

    I watched your interview in youtube, and read your facebook page.I proud of you. May Allah(S W T) keep you from your family from Evil eyes.May Allah grant you Janah “Firdaos”
    Wish you all the best.

    Be Blessed take care

    Ahmad Farhad


  26. I am muslim from Quetta, Balochistan. I watched your interview on youtube, and saw your website… i became very happy may allah bless on you…. and strong your faith forever….. and also pray for all muslim must be change their life according to islam…


  27. assalam alaikum,
    This is good to share your story to the world. I feel very impressive when i read your journey towards islam, when i was reading your story during study i feel tears in my eyes, & i am really very glad you choosen islam. May allah comes your wishes true, & gives you a very bright future.
    Nicole queen strong girl.


  28. Assalamu ‘alaikum wr. wb.

    I’m Indonesian muslim, and very glad find this site. I always love stories of new muslim converts like this. It seems like getting new blood, fresh blood for Muslim world in order to fight injustice in this earth especially oppression toward Muslim by non-muslim world. It also give new spirit for dakwah, spreading Islam to all over the world.


  29. Asalamu Alaikum Nicole,

    Your story is truly inspirational. I was raised muslim all my life but I never took my religion seriously. I went through a brief phase of wearing the hijab before I was married but my faith was weak and I caved. At 29 im just now starting to focus more on my faith so I can be a better example for my children. I haven’t taken the leap of wearing hijab yet but insha’Allah one day. I just recently moved here to Dallas with my husband and getting to know the Islamic community which I have to say has been really welcoming thus far. Looking forward to listen to you speak sometime.

    Salam 🙂

    Ameira Olayan


  30. Assalam U Alaikum

    Sister. i watched you on YouTube two years ago. after that, today i am reading your blog. it was very inspirational and motivational to me. May Allah bless all of us with his Mercy. Amen.



  31. Mashallah sister yu luk very pretty in yur weddin pics.. Yu hav a really inspirin story.. I am a born a muslin and til this date feel as though I am takin it for granted.. I hav seen nearly all the stories on youtube about reverts and honestly feel jelous aswell as happy.. I wana put my life back on track with Deen in my heart.. Do share any tips please xx


  32. Beautiful story. Inşallah, you will be a great example for women who wanna be a muslim. May Allah bless you and your family.

    Assalam from Turkey,


  33. salaam…
    before every thing im sorry that i cant write in english so good…
    youre story was so beauty mrs nicole…
    im really so glad that i see the power of islam that can change our purpose to truth…
    in iran many of women are in islamic hijab and tehy are living in full of freedom and respect…
    but some of iranian women dont like hijab absolutly they love islam…
    i love islam so much…i konw that im not a good muslim…but….
    I LOVE MY ALLAH…because i know taht he LOVE me too…
    be allways IN HIJAB…


    1. If you love Allah, you have to follow his commandements.. it also means you have to wear the Hijab… this is in response to the lady from Iran.. thank you. Allah only loves his people when they follow his commandements… thank you.


  34. salaam
    i saw the video of Nicole queen on you tube about how she reverted to Islam.I am saying reverted not converted because there is a Hadith of our Prophet which says that every child is born in It’s true Deen which is islam.It is only after he/she grew up and then influenced by parents to follow a particular way of life.The story of Nicole Queen was really inspiring and soul searching to all of us.I would like to congratulate her and pray to Allah that she remains an obedient servant of Allah.Also I request her to pray for me and to the rest of Muslim Ummah.


  35. Beautiful indeed!!!may Allah grant you high ranks in this life and herafter ameen sumameen!!!and if you wanna get help in any sense remember this Amatullah as well it’ll be good for me too…Jazakillah


  36. Alhamdulillah its very good to hear about your conversion and your efforts for Islam, jazakIllah khair.
    There’s an amazing book, the best I read on the topic, its called “fiqh of da’wah” by Muhammed Sajaad. It discusses beautifully how the Prophets and the Sahaba did dawah in various ways and how we can apply it now. I highly recommend it.
    Also you mentioned you knew famous people, Alhamdulillah Allah swt has blessed you by being able to do dawah to them.


  37. I was listening Kuran at you tube; than I saw Nicole’s interview; I am so glad for the great chance of Nicole as being a sister of Islam. Alhamdulilah..Maasallah.


  38. I was listening Kuran at youtube; than I saw Nicole’s interview; I am so glad for the great change of Nicole as being a sister of Islam. Alhamdulilah..Maasallah.


  39. Assalalamualaikum,

    Dear Sister Nicole,

    I am writing these comments with happiness tears in my eyes. I also belong to

    a Newly Muslim Family. and Alhamdulillah I am Hafize Quran.

    I saw your Video on youtube, then I searched for your website to know more

    about you. I am so happy that you Embraced Islam and I am sure, so many

    others would get courage to become Muslim after reading your life Story.

    May Allah (SWT) show the light of Hidayah to the whole mankind, so that all

    may be saved from Hell (Ameen).

    Please keep remember us in your Special Dua.

    Your Brother in Islam.

    Hafiz Masood


  40. Assalamwalekum to every reader,
    Nicole! may Allah bless you and help you lead a pure life of imaan.
    Today I have reached a level in Religion where I have only two directions..either leave this hard but true path and return to the worldly life full of emotional and mental freedom, or keep walking on here with all the burdens that people might put on me, ignoring all the attractions that the materialistic world is offering me and walk towards the freedom of soul that’s gonna pull me closer to the creator.However, Its not very easy to change a lifestyle that you are very much used to..especially when it becomes your identity in the eyes of other people. We see ourselves from the eyes of others and so we usually do not take a step that may bring to us criticisms or might even distance us from elements which matter a lot to us. This ideology stopped me from recognizing myself from the last 20 years since I was born. When we start loving and enjoying the worldly life,religion seems just a wall that divides us. But its not division,its an option of lifestyle,as not everyone likes the same thing.But when we start searching within our soul and over the world the reasons of our existence we find that our unsatieted soul is away from the truth. Like every other religion on Earth, the basic principles that every human should follow are same for Islam..speak the truth,dont abuse, speak politely n never hurt anyone etc. Allah has made everything clear and easy for the believer who actually follows the doctrines of Quran. But Allah wants us to perform Namaz n read Quran but not while our Heart and mind are full of hatred,jealousy. Hypocrisy, lies and manipulations. Allah emphasises on pious intentions and a complete imaan(faith). And then Namaz, Recitation of Quran, Seeking Of Knowledge, Following Hijaab, Modest lifestyles everything Gives us the spiritual results we seek. Yes it feels a bit boring and lonely initially when you have no support but dont lose that hope. Remember that lord of Mankind is waiting for you to seek the truth and then he will support you. Dont feel whether u will be punished by the God of your religion for trying to understand Islam..because the first and the foremost truth that Islam declares is that ‘God is ONE and there is no one but he’ and the second page of Quran states that the creator is the one and he sent the Bible,the Psalms and the Torah. So there’s no point fearing anything or anybody on Earth because Allah is the same for everyone..the only difference lies in the people..some seek it and some dont see it logical to give th entire time seeking something intangible. Allah reveals truth to them who seeks it and he loves those who repent for the sins they did as it cleans their heart. Wherever u are in any country or in any religion,know that you will not die in the same way you were born..just like we like to choose a better spouse, vote in elections, we select out of two dresses and infact we change our habits to attain perfection in our life, in the same way we have the right to choose a religion if we feel closer to it and it gives us peace when we follow its principles. For me, I was born a Muslim in the land of culturally diverse India and I chose to follow Islam more faithfully and I am still seeking and learning. I have no hate feelings for other religions, other countries and even for America as my religion doesn’t speaks of hatred. All it wants me is to resist from things that Allah doesn’t like. And its not Allah who is going to benefit from my faith, but me myself. He says clearly in Quran that there are a few benefits in Alcohol but they are few in comparision to the disadvantages of it. So avoid Alcohol. He says clearly, never fight and kill innocent people as killing one innocent is like killing the entire mankind. Fighting is allowed only in the case of injustice for self defense. Islam is straight forward and true. Only an honest and fearless heart can pass the worldly life following Islam. Ñot all people who claim to be Muslim are actually following it. But Insha Allah, Allah is forgiving and merciful, he knows the hidden truths and so he will help us in strengthening our faith. In this generation even for a believing Muslim its quite hard to retain faith but start watching yourself from ur soul and respect urself and strive for building a better personality that will tie all good things together. I am trying so pray for me and pray for all those who are trying to step down from the crowded stages of life to find if in solitary they are satisfied enough with their existence. May Allah help us all in maintaining peace and cleaning our hearts for each other.
    As for Nicole,hats off to you. I have lost a few materialistic things but u have lost things that people never want to let go. U got no support from ur parents… but still u can pray for their goodwill. As Prophet Abraham did. When we pray, he listens. He is enough for us all. May Allah bless n help us all!


  41. excellent..god bless you and your husband..I am sure that you will be an example to all those gof fearing sisters who are not yet to find islam

    .anytime you want friends, -we are jordanian couple- d be happy to befriend with you…



  42. Alhamdulilah,praise to Allah,congratulation to you.and your family my Allah gives us strength in Islam till the day of judgement Amen.Allah bless your family.There is no god except Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.


  43. Assalamualaikum warehmatullahi wabarakaatuhu Sister Nicole Queen,

    Allah o Akbar……all praises be to ALLAH who have created all that exisit and what u cannot see.

    Alhamdulillah, very heart-touching story and useful for todays generation who are wasting LIFE,AGE,MONEY,HEALTH in that useless bars and clubs. The click which you got in between your photography career that what I am doing in this life or just this the purpose of my life. Very good Sister. One more thing sister I would like to invite you in INDIA and want you to give a talk to muslimaah sister here.You just come here with your Husband Hassan and I will do the rest arrangement. Insha ALLAH. will wait for ur reply sister. Alhamdulillah.
    Assalamualaikum warehmatullahi wabarakaatuhu
    Abdul-Haseb Ansari


  44. Hi Nicole, I also watched your video on youtube. You are truly stunning, both physically and mentally. May Allah watch over and your family, and help you grow your faith.

    Much respect and admiration,



  45. Alhamdulillah God blessed Nicole and good thing she tried to understand Islam first with her research and later converted. Now I am surprised to see the comments from people trying to introduce her with different sects. I believe she is a person who didn’t embraced Islam because of what X, Y & Z believes. She is in search of reality & truth and will reach to “Haqeeqah” herself with the help of Allah. God give “tofeeq” to all of us to understand the truth with our own minds Insha’Allah.


  46. i never knew about you iam a student in buitems in pakistan iam realy empressed about your life and hapy that u r one of us …my islamiyat teacher gave me your video and told me research on it i have heared all your video and knw saw your blog iam hapy for you may allah bless you and your family my question also i talk to allah and whn get in ttrouble i pray and every day i i talk to allah i feel very good and hapy whn i talk to him i faced alot of trouble in life in my surrounding i mean the sudden change of my life iam very deep in my religion its being hard to me to accept the sudden change at morning lissenig of songs or sounds of songs realy disapoint me then in my heart i take the name of allah and watching my friends being away frm allah i feel said and unhapy they r muslim but y they dont follow it its not good this lifes is short not for us ,,,,they r interested in mobiles making girlfriends and and spent thier money in those useless thngs iam frm a background who even doing my softawre eng ,1st batch and semester i dont have even a laptop to practice my programming they have it but they use it uselessly in lissening songs and filims iam fade up of fade up of songs and filims and those things which take me out frm my islam may allah bless or help every one my email is
    and facebook name is saeed badini


  47. Assalamu Alaikum sister Nicole may Allah protect you and your family.

    Please Say Salam to your husband from his Saudi brother



  48. Salam Sis,

    I was introduced about you at the right time, Alhamdulillah. It’s funny that we shared some similar experiences during the phase in taking the leap of faith. You’re an inspiration, thank you:)

    Zarith, xo


  49. Selamun Aleykum. My name is Bilal Kilic. I was born in 1986. am from Turkey. e commerce specialist. I am looking for a lady Americal Muslim. could you help me. can be reached from me.

    tel: +90 541 852 6789
    skype: cumpas.cumpas

    I want to marry a girl, american muslim. Selamun aleykum.


    1. ان الله يهدي من يشاء . سبحانه وتعالىThat God guides whom He wills.Almighty
      when i was looking in the youtube site for Christians entered in Islam like your story so much.And it’s good to see so many Christians become Muslims.And I liked much headscarf.I wish you success in your life as a Muslim


  50. Alhamdulillah sister, u are so wonderful, like an angel in paradise, especially in the of the eyes of the believer in Islam. We believe that ALLAH SWT have taufic u and open ur heart n mind to the truth of Islam. We hope n pray that ALLAH will bless u and your family more n more blessings both in this world n in the life after death….ameeen.


  51. allahu akbar..peace be upon you…follow the life of Fatima(R.A)… keep your dawah to non-muslim brothers & sisters in US.If your faith is strong, Allah will guide you..He is the one who knows everything
    Sheik Ibrahim from India


  52. I have also converted to islam lately! Now I am in the phase when I want to put the headscarf but I am experiencing difficulties with my parents who cannot accept islam, especially the woman coverage, and my work place which I am obliged to not leave because of financial situation in my family. It`s so hard, but I pray Allah every day to help me strengthen my imam. There should be no fear for those who obey God. But the devil tries to distract us all…


  53. Thanks for raising the issue with TGI , I am Egyptian and lived in Houston for 3 years and understand easily how we can separate between honest mistakes and deliberate ones

    God bless you & your family


  54. My sister congratulations to you your embracing and marriage. I hope your success in Deen and Dunya. Finally I request you to stop your photos sharing to away from bad eyes.

    Your brother Abdul wasi
    Kabul, Afghanistan


  55. Assalamu Alaikum السلام عليكم

    I enjoyed with ur story and change your life to correct way. Islam is base and love and every things of happines on the world . may allah accepet us on aljanh . my best regards my sister . ur brother FaisaL from saudi arabia


  56. I’m invited to ladies only event at the masjid and was told that you, Sister Nicole, would be there. I was interested in knowing about you and your journey to Islam.
    I was born into a family that practiced Islam on the outside to many but didn’t really put much effort into it in private. During Ramadan this year, I became involved in community effort projects in the DFW area and decided to start wearing hijab. I’m Pakistani and white. Culturally speaking, it’s out of the box for a Pakistani girl to wear hijab, even though a majority of Pakistanis are Muslim.
    It’s nice to know there are other people who understand the need for preservation of one’s physical self for the sake of Allah.


  57. سلام،
    تبریک میگم خواهر گلم، امیدوارم هروز بیشتر از قبل وجود خداوند رو توی لحظه های زندگیت حس کنی.
    باشد ک رستگار شویم…

    Congrats my dear sister.
    I hope u feel God everyday more than before in every moment of your life.
    Hope to peace be upon us…

    From Iran


  58. As a Christian, I have a deep respect for your devotion to your faith and family. I would like to hope that we could learn from each other. Peace…..


  59. ASalamalaikum , Mashallah, great Story, im going through a similar thing right now that brother Hasan went through, advising a close friend of mine & trying to gain knowledge myself & building my Imaan, come from a mad background, born muslim, but never really felt it like Im feeling right now, so happy, so at peace, but my friend I’m talking about was my girlfriend, but due to being serious on Islam I’ve had to distance myslef because I don’t want to commit sin, but she is so interested in Islam from the day she met me, but I wasn’t in a position to advise her before. Now she needs guidance to read & watch the right things. Sent her your story Mashallah, im sure it will be an inspiration. Thanks for sharing. Jazakallah.


  60. Assalamu Alaikum sister Nicole ..,
    Masha Allah…. very beautiful story of you sister… From the biggest muslim country Indonesia, we send you du’a may Allah protect you and your family in struggle of da’wah-islamiyah..


  61. Hello nicole liked logged in to Islam I wish you happiness I am Hamza from Morocco Muslim age 21 years
    And I want to ask you to help to do good do you have a girlfriend you want to pair a Muslim I want good just over a year and a pair of Allah and His Messenger and on the basis of love


  62. Hi nicole,Unbelievable story this is,being a muslim iam struggling to keep my ritual spirit in life…your tranformation from a worst life(which people say colorful) to the life now you are…amazing,sorry hassan,l’m addict to your wife….and feel shame on me that being a muslim by birth what im doing for my God and Islam….this will open my eyes…..insha allah…barakallahu lakum…


  63. Your story has really touched me, everytime I read it I cry and I’ve read it easily ten plus times! I myself am a recent revert, and SO many things you talk about are parallel to my life from the drinking to the party to the coffee shop! Allah has been so good to you and may he continue to bless you Alhamduillah!!! Thank you truly so much for sharing your story I feel like I was reading my own while reading yours.


  64. Mashah Allah, may almighty reward you paradise. As a new muslim, Allah swt will hear your pray definitely. So please include in your pray me with my family also.


  65. Excellent story. Im 31 and had studied all world religion’s being on a religion quest. I was a baptized Catholic but Christianity never did it for me. I did almost become a Mormon before I reverted to Islam. I was against Islam for a long time due to terrorist acts and killings in the U.S. by Muslims supposed in the name of Allah. I decided to listen to the quran and once again do more research on Islam as you did watching YouTube etc…then I just recently did my shahada but I don’t know how to pray or anything so I will be going to the mosque to officially do my shahada learn to how to pray and I’m going to start learning arabic. I just can’t wait because I feel like right now im wasting time but I personally wont feel Muslim until I do the shahada with the imam because I feel that’s like a baptisim and I want a certificate saying im officialy converted. Also Iv always been the type who always flip flopped on religion and if I have proof then those who doubt me will see I was never more serious in my life. Praise be to Allah!!!


  66. hi, nicole queen
    I’m Sorry, my English writing is hard for me

    my mom and dad are not muslims, But my mother is forced to wear the hijab at islamic republic of iran

    My sister was executed in 1981
    do you know what because?!
    My sister did not wear the hijab

    Hijab is a compulsion of Islam.
    I don’t like Islam(ISIS) and compulsion Hijab in Qur’an

    You like to live in islamic Iran?
    You do not live in an Islamic country

    You’re Muslim
    Living in an Islamic country is experiencing now
    hijab in an Islamic country a compulsion, not a choice

    Please, give me an answer


  67. Starting in the name of Allah Most merciful and worthy of all praises. The creator of everything .
    Dear Sister Nicole!
    Whatever I read about you and reverting to Islam, I was crying for Allah has been so kind to you to bring you to truth. In your posts you did mention about some Muslim girls in Islamic society who are following ways of the western culture which is indeed their own right, but could be avoided. Indeed their is a strong need for propagating among the Muslim world “How to behave like a Muslim (Men/Women both).
    Allah Almighty created us for Dawah and we should follow that.
    I would definitely like to be a part of this noble cause and would want to devote myself for the very cause.
    I would most humbly request you to pray for me to Allah to help me achieve this objective.
    I live in Pakistan (Peshawar) and along with my family would always welcome you to stay with us and be a part of our family whenever you plan to visit this part of the world.
    Best Regards


  68. mashaa Allah for Ur life Queen of Islam. Am Salis Ahmad from Nigeria, I have Ur video an interview with a woman. may Allah continue to increase U and Ur family in Iman. Assalamu Alaykum Warahmatullah


  69. Hi nicole!!!!

    I have to many dudes about Islam, and your words make me feel in common. Thats why I wrote you, I hope I can contact directly with you, and maybe you could give me a minutes of your time to express me, because I thought anyone that can not received Islam, can´t understand my feelings. Please, let me know a way to contact to you, or you to me.


  70. Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh..
    I am a Born Muslim from India…..
    I have been reading about you for a long time, and had talk with you on facebook….
    Whenever I read your blog or about Newly Converted Muslims, My eyes starts raining tears of happiness.
    We are sorry to say that “We are Muslim By Chance” and “You Are Muslim By Choice”…
    You have Chosen Islam Over the other Religions. And No Doubt to say that you have More Powerful Imaan than Born Muslims…
    May Almighty Allah Accept All Our Good Deeds and become Happy before that We depart from this World….
    Aameen… Aameen Ya Rabbal Aalameen..


  71. Assalamu alaikum…..sister Nicole
    I Muhammd Akhlaque from Aligarh Muslim University, India, congrats you to be a Muslim Mashallah, may the blessings of Almighty Allah bstowed upon you and your family. Having watched your interview, I was absolutely stunt and suddenly my eyes were filled with tears. I am highly inspired by you and your blessed husband as well
    Your heart touching story really touched my heart and fulfilled my eimaan.


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