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50 thoughts on “Booking/Contact Info

  1. Assalaam Alaikom
    Hello Nicole,
    My name is Mohammed, im fom Dubai U.A.E, i saw your video and was AMAZED it touched my heart, i wanted to tell you, if you ever have a chance to come to Dubai please do, it would be a great honor to show the true arabian life-style and muslim life-style and it would be also an honor if you came with your family and friends.
    Thank you


    1. Awalaikum Assalamu

      Thank you so much for the kind message. It’s always been a dream of my husbands, to visit Dubai, he’s a big fan! One day Inshallah, I hope we can visit your beautiful city and amazing culture! May Allah bless you and your family!


      1. salam alaykoum from france,

        I’ve seen your story on youtube, you look so sincere when you talk, as you know GOD guide or misguide whoever HE wants to.

        Wish you and your husband all the best,

        May ALLAH protect you.



      2. I have ready ur amazing story of u and ur husband may ALLAH bless u with ur son …more n more….May one Day comes here in my country Tanzania,the beautiful east African country……Please come so that u can see wounderful of my country….!


  2. Dear Sister !
    Infact i also left messages on FB, and now realised that i didnt visit your website. Just once again, no words really, how truly i am moved to read your whole story.
    You are an inspiration for many people including us, as sometimes we also get indulge into materialistic / casual life style, but your story is a beam of light for millions to follow. May God Bless You and your Husband hassan, with health, happiness and inspiration.
    God Bless You, Salam To dear brother hassan as well.
    Allah Hafiz


  3. assalaam alaikom dear sister my name is tufail ahmed and i belong to would be a great honour that plz come pakistan with your husband and our brother hassan.may Allah bless u and your family.


  4. Aslamualekum Warahmatullah Sister,

    I want to congratulate you on finding the HAQ (truth). May Allah give blessings to you and your family and may he raise your rank and increase your love for him and for Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

    God bless you


  5. Mohammad Naqib
    Asalmualekum Dear Sister,

    i saw your video at youtube i really happy that you convert to islam
    so i hope to have a great RAMADAN and may Allah bless you and your family.

    one thing more ,
    husain said bullshit he is stupid person please don’t take it hard.

    thank you
    my allah bless you


  6. hello nicole,i am very happy to hear that you are a muslim now,i would like to talk to you,i am a muslim girl from pakistan,so let me know your contact number plz.


  7. sallam,
    wish u a happy holey month of ramdan,may allah forgive our sins what we have done knowingly and unknowingly.Dear oe thing i will like to tell you that you are muslim by choice from allah and we are muslim by chance .


  8. Blessed be Allah Masha Allah

    You are beautiful in this dress I have seen across the Muslim Algerian TV

    I said I hope that God bless me one like you

    I hope that you’re contribution to the spread of Islam to every American

    Say that Islam is terrorism and I wish you God bless you visit Mecca

    Mecca and the vision of the Holy Mosque and visit the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him


  9. hello nicole
    congratulation for you
    Islam is truth religion
    now you can visit Hajj to Mecca in saudi arabia

    from Oussama ,Marrakech , Morocoo


  10. Assalam aleykum

    Saw your story of converting in islam and i felt very happy to hear that change in your life, Allah loves you very much and once again i say that i am really honoured that we have the people like you in islam…. and i want to say Alhamdulillah for people like you becouse you understand islam and Quran much much more better than a lot of people who borned like muslims and people like you are saving the Quran and islam becaouse u practicate it muuuuch more then a lot of us :DD and becouse that kind of people Quran and Muhammad s.a.w.s. will not be forgotten, Allah blessed and chose you mashAllah….inshAllah that Allah gives you health and happiness and to your family and take you all to jannah amin….salam from Firas from Croatia :)))


  11. Assalam.o.alaikum dear sister,


    Iam a small website designer and if you need any help or want to build a website or make any changes in the current one so i would do it happily free of charge for you.

    I read all the above comments, every one is telling you to visit our country. I would also like to write that come to Afghanistan with your family and see the difference. What the media is showing and what is the reality……What the people are thinking about Afghans and how they really are.



  12. Dear Hanif,

    brother i work at wattanzazai group of companies as Transport Manager i ‘m also very happy about my sister nicole queen that she convert to ISLAM and also i like too that once Nicole Sister come to our (afghanistan) and she saw our afghan people and also my Allah bless you and all muslim that you are help for Nicole for the website.


  13. Assalam.o.alaikum dear brother Abdul Naqib,

    We do appreciate your comments and the love for all muslims……I work as an FM with NCCL (Nazari Construction Company) situated at Wazir Akbar khan.
    You can email me at

    Best Regards
    Muhammad Hanif


  14. Nicole! You are such an amazing person and have such a wonderful outlook on life. I have been reading and studying and am thinking of converting to islam. I would love some advice from you I could really use it! You are one of my role models thank you so much!


  15. Hi Nicole,
    My name is Kristen, I am an actress from Houston interested in knowing more about Islam. Aswell as hiring you for some photogarphy work (headshots). I have been looking for someone to help me to understand more abou Islam and that way of life, being raised as Christian my family is Baptist. I have a friend who is muslim and brought up Islam to me, I know I could talk to him about Islam at any time. However, I would really like to talk to someone who is female, whom used to be Baptist herself… I believe I could gain a great deal of knowledge from you. I already have. My friend brought up your name and told me to watch. I have read a a lot of material and have watched a lot of videos on Islam. I want to fully understand the religeon. I have an unrelenting tug in my heart to convert, but am afraid of what my family will say or do. I feel as though you could definatly relate to what I am saying and going through. I want to be closer to god. Anyways. I k now this is getting lengthy and will end on this note, would it be possible for us to meet, speak about Islam & I also am in need of some recent headshots for my resume if you do those types of photos. (I am unsure of that)


    1. My name is Muhammad Fayyaz. I belong to Pakistan. I would like to know your kind attention towards the Marketing concept as define in our Holy book “Al-Quran” brought by our holy prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) before more than fourteen centuries earlier same as define marketing concept by Marketing Guru Prof. Philip Kotler in his book “Principles of Marketing. Our holy book Quran also define the geographic and demographic factors of marketing, management, marketing segmentation based upon religions, ethics, complexion, attitude, social values and cultural behaviors. Holy Quran also define the history of past nations, their living style, culture and end of their civilization. Quran also discussed on creation of this natural world, formation and movement of Galaxies, how it rains, define stages of formation of baby in mother womb. This concept was also appretiated by Prof. Philip Kotler. For more query mail me on for understanding Islam.


    2. Salam aliukum brother..i have that page on facebook
      Allah you are the best to feel me
      im an admin there..i hope that it can help you to know some about Islam..there is that part of the prophets i hope it can just a muslim not a sheik..but i have to help you find the’s my job and our prophet”May Allah pray on him and grant him peace” message..if you need a contact send on the page itself..i will read the inbox in sha Allah..
      May Allah bless you and whom you love.


    3. Respected sister Kristen. I just read your feelings about Islam. If you like I can help you in knowing Islam according my knowledge that I have. By the Grace of Allah the All Mighty I helped my online friend from Phillipines to convert to Islam. Alhamdolillah she is a praticising Muslim now


  16. Kristen again,I apologise for ending my last comment abruptly, lol I think I may have ran out of room…I know how silly I may come across… I am doing this from my phone so I cannot see your entire website. I am sincere in my wanting to know more about Islam. I would like to exchange contact info with you, if at all possible, I know how buisy you must be. God belss & I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your time.


  17. I listened to your talk about dating and fornication spread in muslims I held great respect to you. Converts have a big job for the revival and restauration of islamic values of purity and piety. Greetings from Tunisia.


  18. other thing, you talked about gazing at women and from a personal experience of many years, whenever I gaze at women not only it hurts my faith but I swear to God my money goes down…


  19. Salam Nicole

    I wish you and your husband the best life on the earth. I really become happy when original american become muslims more than anybody else because you know USA is the strongest country in the world. More muslims in it will make Islam strong, Please be strong activist in your country because Amercian people will accept Islam from you more than us because you have the same blood. God bless you!!!


  20. Nicole,

    Islam has the exoteric aspect (more prominent) and the esoteric aspect (hidden inside the soul of each person regardless of faith).

    Have you read Ibn’Arabi? My favorite is Listening for God: Prayer and the Heart in the Futûhât.

    In Part 3 from the link above, the 36th paragraph comes to the heart of the matter:

    […For I have placed between this servant of Mine and the ‘station of Proximity (to Me)’ (maqâm al-qurba) many veils and immense obstacles, including the goals of the carnal soul; sensual desires and passions; taking care of other people, property, family, servants and friends; and terrible fears. Yet (My servant) has cut through all that and continued to strive until he prostrated himself [clearly more than bodily motions are involved in this sense of sujûd] and drew near (to Me) and became one of the muqarrabûn. So look, O My angels, at how specially favored you are and at the superiority of your rank, although I did not test you with these obstacles nor obligate you to undergo their pains. And realize the rank of this servant, and give him all that he is due for everything that he has undergone and suffered on his path (toward Me), for My sake!]


  21. Essalamou alikom,
    You cannot expect my happiness when I saw your video. Now I am sure that you are inchallah safe enough and you will be in heaven today and tomorrow.
    I will be grateful if you can give me a chance to talk about somebody I want to save from what you have been saved. If it is possible you can provide some help and guidance.
    God bless all your family and save your little baby.
    I look forward to contact you and your husband.


  22. Salam Aliukum..Nicole..i pray this message can deeply reach your heart..
    Iam a Muslim..may be not a good one..but im trying..i love to share Islam with others,spread it,and with the idea of getting people into Islam; it’s amazing for me..
    I have a page..with like 300 likes on facebook..please read my posts..please go through it.and if you like it..if only you like it..please please please share it on your page..i know..i know you may think this can open a door of advertisement..but iam asking you to do this only if u like it..i ‘ve sent many pages and people..only few helped..can you be the major to help?? i just want the Islam to spread,i want to help non Muslims..and Muslims too.
    i want the true beautiful Islam to proclaim..
    im gonna send this but i dn’t know if you will ever see it..and if you gonna respond..
    i pray that one day i walk up and i find so many likes because you have shared the page..
    jazak Allah khairan.


  23. Assalamu Alaykom
    Dear Nicole,
    I was so excited when I watched your videos. I am a muslim living in US only since 6 months . I miss everything relating to my religion. I am not in touch with muslims here and I wish I could contribute to Dahwa in this country but I do not know how to do so. I thought of teaching Quran and Arabic language as well as the basic Islamic education. Since you are American and thank God you are a muslim too, could you please help me finding my way to serve Islam and Dahwa here?
    Thank you so much.


  24. My Respected Sister Nicole.
    Aslam-o-Alekum. I am Owais Ahmed from Pakistan a muslim by birth. I saw your video in youtube where you express your experience about accepting Islam. May Allah the All mighty bless you Brother Hussan and little Talal. Sister your Christian name some times creats confussion in the mind. If u dont mind sister plz change ur name to a Islamic name and I suggest your Islamic name as Ayesha Fatima. I hope you will like my Idea of ur new name. May Barkah and Rehmat of Allah (subhana wa tala) be upon you and your family. Ameen.
    Owais Ahmed
    Lahore Pakistan


  25. I am going to Perform Hajj this year i.e 2013. I will pray there for you and your family and I promise u sister that I will perform Nafli UMMRAH for you brother Hussan and Talal


  26. Hi , Nicole i`ve seen ur video , and iam so amazed by your story ,Iam From Jordan just like Husam , i hope one day i`ll meet my soul mate and it be like you that would be perfect , i live in north carolina now , i hope am gonna find a girl that would accept islam just like u did i`d be so blessed , Mashalla and btw congrats for the kids , keep us updated


  27. Hello Mrs Nicole Queen
    I am from Iran living in Tehran. I was born in a Muslim Shiite family. I am amazed if you studied Qur’an as a whole, paying attention to the meanings and understanding them before converting to Islam. So I would be pleased by and appreciate your reply to my question:
    Did you read all the chapters and verses of Qur’an understanding the meanings before changing to Islam.
    Thank You very much and best wishes for you


  28. please click on this link:
    this is the translation of this page for some Muslims in PHARSI language.
    i hope it will be helpfull for new comers.

    “نیکول کوئین”، از عکاس کافه های شبانه نیویورک تا گفتن شهادتین و مسلمان شدن!


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