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  1. I am a muslim alhamdu-lillah, I studied/lived in the states for a long time, mainly in Washington DC, so long that when I came back home (Kuwait) it was difficult for me to adjust especially in the first 3 months where I was not coping at all. So I know how it is living in the states and how difficult it can be and is to live a live like the one you chose when you converted to Islam. I saw your interview and I thought WOW !!!!!!!!! Im happy for you sister, and Allah will reward you for this, and I pray for Allah for you to hold on to your believe and progress even further.

    Alhamdu-lillah Im loving the islamic way of live know so much that Im regretting the way of live I was living when I was in the states. You are right, we will face Allah (insha-allah), and thats something that we should realy prepare for.

    Allah bless you for what you did and continue to do and for influencing others and carrying this difficult and important task of promoting Islam, especially at these times and place.


  2. I am really happy to contact through this mail with you. The first time I saw your videos you were talking that you converted to Islam was very surprising and amazing for me. You indeed show being a real and pure Muslim woman. Your talks and character is really inspired to all nonmuslim women in all over the world. I am sure that very soon your messages widespread throughout the world and all women will follow your footstep.



  3. Hi Nicole. I’m a Christian. My best friend growing up was Muslim. When I was 15, I wanted to know the truth. I was ready to accept any religion. I asked God to show me the truth. He made known to me Jesus was the one true religion. Not only that, but since then, about 15 years later, Jesus visited me and I had a conversation with Him. I would like to talk to you about this stuff. Let me know if/when you’re willing to talk to me.


    1. yes great Mike you are right, nicole has to understand true god, she doesn’t have personal encounter with god that is why she converted to Muslim, i believe still god can do miracle if she comes to Jesus again.


  4. Asslam O Alaikum Sister First of Accept my Warm Welcome and Congratulation on converting from christian to Muslim Alhamdulilah You’ve chosen the right path to success and happiness of life :).I know its very late to congratulate you but believe me If’d have found you in 2007 I’d have done that before but its ok thanks to Mighty Allah Who guided me to you MashaAllah.Sister I’m realy happy to see you as a Muslim Successfull lady also don’t worry about anything I’ve seen that you were what kind of person in the past but forget about that and accept a new revived life of Islam Alhamdulilah..I’ve just stopped by to tell you that your the most lucky one whom Allah chose honestly Allah Only shows those the right path who wishes for.:)))).I pray may Allah Almighty showers his countless blessings on you and your family and May He Protects you from every evil Aameen and thank you Allah Hafiz


  5. my name is
    Fahad of Kuwait’s Al-Azhar University, graduated from a specialized modern science and religion I am very impressed chose of Islam and ask God to make you steadfast on the religion and I hope that we communicate so we are looking at some of the missionary and charitable projects and thank you


  6. HI i am Yasser Palestine-Egyptian
    keep going dear , your soul looks clear like angles
    also i like your modern way of life as Muslim woman .

    god bless you and your husband housam and all your family .




    you’ve chosen the right path to success and happiness of life.
    I am from Bangalore, India. Though I am a Muslim, few years ago I was not following Islam Completely, I was not praying 5 times, but later i realised and started praying 5 times, following sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him. Alhamdullillah. Masha Allah i have started using Facebook mainly for spreading peace of Religion among muslims, non muslims. this is my facebook ID : vaseeqnaeem

    I came accross you video through youtube. Masha Allah you are following Islam in right way. I appreciate very much and I am very very happy for what you are doing. Insha Allah you will have more contributions towards our beautiful Deen. May Allah SWT bless you with peace, happiness and success in Akhirah Ameen Ameen.



  8. thanks to my GOD to allow you to be a MOSLEM and i hope you will learn ARABIC languge as soon as to learn more and more about ISLAM


  9. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
    أنا مدرس لغة عربية في مكة المكرمة وأشعر بسعادة غامرة لإسلام الأخت العزيزة نيكول كوين وأدعو الله عز وجل أن يثبتها على الإسلام وأن يسعدها مع زوجها وأدعو لهما في صلاتي أن يجعلهما من المسلمين الصالحين وأن يدخلهما الله الفردوس الأعلى من الجنة أتمنى بكل أشواقي ومشاعري أن ينتشر الإسلام في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية فأخلاقهم وعقولهم تؤهلهم لمعرفة الحق والالتزام به وهم متحضرون جداااا ولا ينقصهم إلا الإسلام
    في الختام أحب أن أقترح عليكم نشر حساب مصرفي لدعم نشر الإسلام والمسلمين في الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية لدعمكم من جميع المسلمين في العالم ويكون الحساب معتمد من الحكومات الإسلامية
    واحب أن اسجل حبي الكبير لكل إخواني المسلمين في أمريكا فوالله أحبهم وأدعو لهم وأتمنى خدمتهم عند زيارتهم لبيت الله الحرام في مكة المكرمة لأداء مناسك الحج والعمرة
    أخوكم فهد الفهد
    مكة المكرمة


  10. hay i have been looking at the intervieuws you give and u realy an example for me. I live in Belgium. Smal country in Europe. I try to find information about muslim and belgum woman who change there believe into muslim but its very dificult to find information. So i wish Dallas was not so far so i could cum listen to your interesting words. Am realy intrested in becomming muslima. I already eat halal meat. And try to pay attention on my close. I read books and want to know more about Islam. But am bit scared of reaction from puple around me.
    My husband is muslim so from him and his family i learn more about Islam. Not becose they fors me. But i want to know more about it myself. I have so mutch respect for woman who where hijab. When i listen to u intervieuw i was crying becose u look so happy and i feel what u sad is true. And the things u say i reconize.
    So thanks for u insperation. I hope i cn be as strong like u enchallah.
    Sorry for my bad writing.

    Enchallah lebes with u family and little baby.


  11. I am glad for you.
    However, there is one thing that you should work on more…
    From your videos it could be heard a lot “I” & “I” a lot.
    Islam is not about ego, vanity or fame, it is about humility, simplicity, devotion, being humble, and the feeling that you not anyone’s slave, but of great ALLAH on this earth! Because of these things above, you don’t hear much from true Muslim women out there, but they are the backbone of a muslim families and communities.

    There two main kinds of Muslims today: those who do follow because everyone follows and those who really have a deep relationship with Allah!!!
    Deep reverence to the latter. May Allah praise and bless them.


  12. Assalamu alaikum my sister Nicole:
    God softest you By the grace of Islam and alhamdulillah about that. Difficulties you encountered Nicole occur to each person who enters in new religion we know you faced many of the difficulties When you entered Islam. Difficult to talk to friends and family about entering a new religion but you are very brave Nicole and god softest you of Marriage from your husband Hassan and have a baby as beautiful as talal . And you publish the Islam to muslims and you learn principles of Islam to the muslims.. really you are great ..Nicole . Prophet Muhammad said (Reached the about me even if aya) Islam is truly the greatest blessing Nicole .. I hope to you and your husband hassan and your beautiful baby talal and your family .. safety and security always from my heart.. Nicole..jazzaky allah khair and Ramadan Mubark inshallah


  13. Masha Allah.. You are a blessed one… we are proud of you.. You are doing an excellent job.. Masha Allah… May Allah bestow His Rahmah on you..


  14. Assalaamu’alaikum warohmatullahi wabarokaatuh

    May Allah bless you and your family also to all the Muslims. We are the brothers and sisters in Islam where we are. I’m very respecting you and your Islamic community in America even it is not a Muslim country but you all can manage your daily life as a good Muslim especially to the muslim woman with your hijab. May Allah give his reward to your continuous efforts in da’wah to Islam.


  15. hi,,,Nicole, my name is Yenni, I’m from Indonesia,,,,,

    When first time I read your story,,,,I was crying,,,,It’s amazing,,,

    You’re in the right way now,,,,,

    Alhamdulillah,,,AllahuAkbar,,,,,May Allah SWT always guides your step,,,,,
    always,,,keep spirit in dawah,,,,everywhere you are




  17. oh 😦 youtube is banned in Pakistan…but i just love the way You talk.. Allah SWTalways bless you..lots of love and respect from Pakistan


  18. Assalam-o-Alaikum sister Nicole, Your previous life story is a 360 degrees turn. MashaAllah you have erased your past life, this is a new, a brand new beginning, a clean slate, by the Grace & Mercy of Allah your past life is like it never existed. I pray to the Almighty Allah that He gives you the strength to advocate what He desires from His followers, and to spread the good tidings of our faith Islam. May Allah shower upon you & your family His Blessings & may protect you & your family from harms way. Ameen Suma Ameen. Irshad.


  19. As salam Sister Nicole,I am totally moved after reading your story! All i can say that i am a muslim but not as good as you are. I guess ur faith made you so strong. Would you pray for me so that i can have strong faith like you.
    Allah bless you.


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